Other Classical Adlerians

Other Classical Adlerians

CADP Contributors

Lydia Sicher

(1890 - 1962)

Lydia Sicher – Appointed to run Viennese child guidance clinics when Adler moved permanently to the US. Established Individual Psychology in Los Angeles area of the US upon fleeing Nazi-occupied Vienna. Read more about Lydia Sicher's work as teacher, lecturer and clinical psychiatrist and her role in training next generation Adlerians in the United States.

Alexander Müller

(1895 - 1968)

Alexander Müller - Early director of the Swiss Society of Individual Psychology; served as the First Secretary of the International Association of Adlerian Psychology from 1954 to 1957. Author of You Shall be a Blessing, one of the early works exploring possible spiritual features of Individual Psychology.  Read more about the life and work of Alexander Müller.

Anthony Bruck

(1901 - 1979)

Anthony Bruck – Close associate of Adler in Vienna and organizer of Adler’s initial tour of the US; colleague of  Sophia de Vries and mentor of Henry Stein. Bruck is well remembered for his creative and innovative application of Adlerian constructs in time-limited therapeutic encounters and for his uniquely clarifying conceptual diagrams.  Read more about the life and work of Anthony Bruck.

Sophia de Vries

(1901 - 1999)

Sophia  de Vries – Inspired student of Adler, mentor of Henry Stein in documenting original material on which Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy is founded, instigating translator of works for the Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler. Read more about Sophia and her profound impact on our understanding and practice of Individual Psychology.

Kurt Adler

(1905 - 1997)

Kurt Adler - Former clinical director of the Alfred Adler Institute of New York, second child of Alfred Adler. Strong proponent and reviewer of the Classical Adlerian Translation Project.

Henry Stein

(b. 1932)

Henry Stein - Co-founded the CADP movement and training program with Sophia de Vries. The senior training analyst and director of the Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washington, he has been a Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapist for over forty years. He studied with Sophia de Vries and Anthony Bruck who were both trained by Alfred Adler. For more than thirty years, he has been training psychotherapists with an approach based on the original teachings and therapeutic style of Alfred Adler, as well as the clinical and philosophical writings of other Classical Adlerians. His own contributions to Classical Adlerian clinical practice include a comprehensive adaptation of the Socratic method, a thorough exposition of the twelve stages of psychotherapy, and an integration of Abraham Maslow's and Alfred Adler's visions of optimal human functioning. He has written four books on CADP, and edited the 12-volume Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler. For more details about Dr. Stein, see Jim Wolf's interviews of him.