Respecting Differences: Adler and Dreikurs

Conference Event: Individual Psychology in the Current World: Best Practices
Hosted by: International Association of Individual Psychology
November 19th, 2018
Vienna, Austria

Erik Mansager, past NASAP president, will discuss his ideas about a difference in the views of Adler and Dreikurs. Adler taught that the goal of the personality is the Persönlichkeitsideal (personality ideal), while Dreikurs asserted that it is to belong. Erik indicates, that efforts to persuade Adlerians that Adler propagated “to belong” as the goal of the personality, provide no convincing evidence of this, either in Adler’s written material or in the writings of his biographers. The presentation proposes to accept the goal of the personality as a genuine difference between the two men.

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And Here’s What We Mean by Classical…

Published August 15, 2018, The NASAP Newsletter (TNN), Erik Mansager, PhD

In the July issue of The NASAP Newsletter I shared the reasons for a new column. This time I’ll jump right into the fray and address the question, “What is meant by classical in Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy?” The answer can go in a few directions, but I’d like to address what classical DOES mean.