Welcome! Welcome!! We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Alfred Adler Institute in Suisse Romande. General membership is open, without cost, to all who are interested in learning more about Adler’s vision of humane development. We are a consortium of like-minded therapists and other professionals – many of us parents or grandparents – who seek to better our world by acting responsibly and caringly to those we interact with.

On the larger scene, we are working toward membership in the International Association of Individual Psychology as well as the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. We welcome you, your suggestions and help in joining other associations who are interested in responsible professional cooperation. Together we make a positive difference.

Membership activities are focused on living, practicing and teaching Adlerian principles. Current benefits include:

  • Notification of our programmed “Workshops for Wellbeing”
  • Access to data base of local Adlerian parent-education opportunities (including requests for conducting such classes in your neighborhood or workplace)
  • Access to scholarly information and discussion forums (in person and online) focused on growing a cooperative community
  • Attending quarterly “Friends of Adler” gatherings around Switzerland to discuss in-depth relevant topics and to share our Adlerian interests
  • Professional clinicians and graduate clinical students may consider attendance at our bi-weekly Adlerian Inter-vision groups where we discuss clinical application of Adler’s approach
  • AAIsr serves as the portal for clinicians and graduate students to access the CADP clinical training program – a distance learning program for certification as a Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapist
  • Other yet-to-be dreamed activities

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