Demonstrations of Therapeutic Techniques

Henry T Stein. The demonstrations in this volume include role-plays with students-as-clients and work with real clients. While the illustration of therapeutic techniques with real clients has undeniable value, the immediate priority must always be what the client needs at that moment, not what the presenter wants to demonstrate. Consequently, for teaching purposes, Dr. Stein usually has a student role-play a client with certain, identified “issues,” so that he can focus on a specific technique or series of strategies. Part One contains a series of transcribed demonstrations of Dr. Stein’s work with student-therapists addressing real, personal issues; and with clients who volunteered for instructional purposes. In each instance, a reasonable attempt is made to illustrate a specific therapeutic technique. This part includes demonstrations of the Socratic Method, the Missing Developmental Experience (MDE), Eidetic Imagery, and role-playing, followed by debriefing with the audience. Part Two consists of a series of role-played demonstrations with a student who plays a client she knows well, one whom she and Dr. Stein discussed frequently. He attempts to give the flavor of the different stages of CADP, followed by debriefing with the audience after each stage. In a fictional format, the potential progress of psychotherapy is compressed into a “twelve-act play.” Part Three provides a transcription of Dr. Stein’s work with a real client of one of his students, who agreed to have the session with recorded for instructional purposes (of course, with her identity disguised). The student and Dr. Stein had discussed the case many times, so he was familiar with the client’s difficulties and history. Process notes accompany this transcription.

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