Classical Adlerian Brief Therapy: The Innovative Techniques of Anthony Bruck

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Anthony Bruck achieved remarkably quick therapeutic results with individuals from many countries, often in unusual circumstances. Trained by Alfred Adler, he mastered Adler’s theory, philosophy, and style of treatment. This volume on brief therapy offers psychotherapists and counselors his simple, appealing diagrams that illustrate Adler’s theory; a variety of fascinating case illustrations; and strategies for helping clients achieve useful, practical improvements when therapeutic time is quite limited. Anthony’s love of language and graphics adds a dramatic, clarifying dimension to the client-therapist dialogue. This book, including many of his charts and diagrams, provides a long overdue recognition of his unique contribution to Adlerian practice. The book is divided into six parts. Part One: Biographical Summary, provides a brief outline of Anthony Bruck’s background and professional life. Part Two presents twelve case studies that vividly illustrate Bruck’s insight, creativity, and ability to help people quickly. Part Three explains several of his guiding treatment principles. Part Four: “Visibilized Adlerian Psychology,” offers an overview of Bruck’s graphic illustration of Adlerian constructs. Part Five: Articles, includes two stimulating papers, “Vicious Circles,” and “What Does Life Mean to Us?” Part Six: Appendix, contains ten charts that are referred to in Parts Two and Three, as well as two charts which clarify the differences between Classical Adlerian Brief Therapy (CABT) and Classical Adlerian Depth Psychotherapy (CADP).

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