Individual Psychology

E-Book Here Erwin Wexberg and Beran Wolfe. Dr. Erwin Wexberg, perhaps the most brilliant and constructive co-worker of Adler in Vienna, has attempted this task in the present
volume. None of Adler’s pupils is so well fitted as Dr. Wexberg, either by virtue of experience, literary ability, or close association with Adler, to present the ideas of the great humanist. “Individual Psychology” is a concise encyclopedia of human understanding, as well as a guide to the technique of the most effective system of psychotherapy and pedagogy
devised in modern times. Its rational approach to the problems of mental life, its scientific simplicity, and its vibrant humanism must appeal to all those who would understand and influence human behavior. “Individual Psychology” is the first bock to show how far Adler has gone beyond his first announcement of the theory of organ inferiority and its psychic compensation, and it is to be hoped that it will dispel many of the misconceptions concerning the work of Adler and his school. Wexberg has succeeded admirably in describing the constructive and practical elaborations of the fundamental themes of the Adlerian psychology, and has demonstrated that Individual Psychology means more than the “inferiority complex” and the “will to power.” (From Translator’s Foreward)

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